Muscular man illustration white t-shirt and blue trousers with barbell

Michael Collins is a gym enthusiast with experience that spans more than 20 years. He started his exhilarating journey of keeping fit in his late teens, and over the years, he has immensely grown to become a resourceful gem in matters of fitness. As a motivation of his inspiring journey, Michael has started Lift Strong with the primary intention of sharing information with anyone who shares the passion of keeping fit, struggling to lose weight, and living healthily.

Michael has been writing for many years, focusing on answering all the questions you may have on nutrition, muscle building and fitness. Keeping fit and staying healthy is his main passion, and this is evidenced in the articles he writes in a simple and understandable language out of intensive reading and real-life experiences.

While he is not working, he focuses on his primary passion, mainly the gym or blogging. He is a science-based fanatic and takes pride in his work.